Ashton McGee Restoration Group ImagesThe Anatomy of an Energy Guard High-Performance R5-Plus Window

  • 100% virgin super-insulating polyvinylchloride
  • High-performance Lo3 366 on two glass surfaces
  • Fusion-welded corners enhance strength and durability
  • Chambers create insulating air pockets for superb energy efficiency and stability
  • Warm-edge space system for durability and maximum energy efficiency
  • Three panes of double-strength glass provide superior energy efficiency and greatly increase the comfort level of your home
  • 1/2-inch argon-filled air spaces between frames for optimal insulation and sound proofing
Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images

Energy Guard Window Styles:

Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images
Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images
Fixed Casement and Direct-Set
Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images
Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images
Fixed Casement and Direct-Set Transoms>
Ashton McGee Restoration Group Images

More About Energy Guard High-Performance R5-Plus Windows

Energy Guard High-Performance R5-Plus windows from Thermo-Tech are the new standard for maximum energy savings, superior performance and beauty. High-quality materials, superb construction and triple-pane, argon-filled glass combine to make Energy Guard windows some of the most energy-efficient windows available today. Energy Guard High-Performance windows incorporate three layers of double-strength glass with two half-inch argon-filled insulating air spaces for an overall glass thickness of 1-3/8 inchesnearly twice as thick as standard insulated glass. Add in the PVC vinyl multi-layered insulated frames, and youve got energy efficiency and durability that simply cant be matched by standard insulated windows. And, with R-values from 5.3 to 6.3, Energy Guard windows far exceed most commercially available R3.33 windows. Reduced energy use is great for the wallet, but its good for the environment, too. Optimal insulation and less energy use can substantially help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Guard windows also improve the indoor environment all year long in any climate. In the colder seasons, the triple-pane windows create a barrier to cold air while allowing the warmth of the sun into your home. During the air-conditioning season, the suns rays are reflected and the cool air is contained in the home. Comfort that's exceptionally quiet. Energy Guard windows provide excellent sound proofing from outside noise. They also block 95% of harmful UV rays to reduce the fading of carpet and furnishings. Energy Guard windows help pave the way to Zero Energy Buildings and the Passive House Design standard already established in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States. The goal of these house designs is to decrease energy needs from 60% to 90%. Why wait to switch to Energy Guard? Talk to your Thermo-Tech dealer today for more details.

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